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Due to changing wedding cake trends we are always adding cakes to our inventory. Some cakes might not be pictured.

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Delicious Wedding CakesDescription of Display Cakes:

All of our display cakes are covered in rolled fondant. The cake will look, smell, and feel like a real wedding cake. All display cakes are at least 5 tiers and can accomodate fresh flowers, sugar flowers, gumpaste flowers, silk flowers, sugar and fondant decor, and cake toppers. (We have a large selection of cake toppers for sale in our shop.)

Design of Display Cakes:

We have a large selection of display cakes to rent. You will see a portion of our inventory displayed in the gallery. We are constantly rotating cakes in and out of our inventory. Some cakes can be changed to accomodate your style, taste, and theme colors with what we call cake accessories. (Cake accessories- silk ribbon, rhinestones, sugar and fondant decor, pearls, etc.) All of our rental cakes are displayed on our cake plateaus. A cake plateau is a beautiful, ornamental stand that enhances your cake and pictures.

Cake Rental Package: $125

Items included in the package are as follows:- Ornamental cake plateau (Beautiful stand to enhance your pictures and cake.)
- A small anniversary cake in a box, ready for you to take home and freeze for your
1st anniversary. (flavor: white)
- Two slices of traditional, white wedding cake in a box, on a doily for pictures.
* Note: Cost of sheet cakes, delivery, and tax are not included in package price. 

Cake Cutting Pictures:

It is important to us that you do not miss a picture for your photo album. There will be two slices of traditional, white wedding cake in a box, on a doily that will be tucked behind the cake plateau. Your photographer will be aware of this and will have them displayed in front of the cake. The bride and groom will place their cake knife next to the cake and it will look as if they just cut their cake. The slices are fresh and edible, so you can feed each other cake and get that important picture!

Sheet Cake Menu:
All of our sheet cakes are delivered to the kitchen area of the reception. They are covered in white buttercream icing with borders.
The sheet cakes are delivered in boxes with the flavor written on the side of the box. (Cut 5X8; Serves 40 people)
* We are not responsible for cutting and serving the cake.

1/2 sheet- Feeds 40…..$55
1/4 sheet – Feeds 20…..$29
(Available to get exact number of guests in increments of 20)
All cakes come standard with one filling.

Cake Flavors:

Red Velvet

Filling Options:

Cherry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Apricot, Blackberry, Peach,
Key Lime, Strawberry, Pineapple, Chocolate Fudge,
Bavarian Cream, German Chocolate, Cheesecake Filling,
Lemon Buttercreme, Lemon Curd, Orange Buttercreme,
Chocolate Mousse, Banana, Mocha,
Chocolate Buttercreme, Vanilla Buttercreme, Whipped Cream

Delivery and Pick-up:

We deliver your display cake and your sheet cakes to your reception. You will provide us with phone numbers, contacts, and windows of time for delivery. This is priced according to time and distance traveled. We make arrangements to pick up the cake the night of the reception.

Pricing and Quotes:

Provide us with the following information in the form on the left:
- Day of wedding
- Reception location
- Number of guests

We calculate by adding cake rental, delivery cost and tax to give you the total price.
We can give quotes over the phone or by using the simple form on the left-hand side of this page. Quotes are good for 90 days.

Tasting Boxes and Consultation:

Call us the day you plan on visiting us and we will have a tasting box ready for you to take with you. There will be one complimentary tasting box given per wedding. Additional may be purchased. Bring swatch colors of your theme. This will give us an idea of what appeals to you as far as style, colors, tastes, and design.

Booking your Wedding Cake:

- If you decide to use our services, we require a $75.00 deposit to book the wedding date.
- We only accept cash or credit cards for the deposit. The deposit is non-refundable if your wedding is cancelled. If you
change the day of your wedding, we cannot guarantee a commitment to the new date.
- The deposit does not go towards the cost of the wedding cake. After we have our cake and cake plateau back, we refund your deposit.
- We will not accept a deposit until a cake design has been agreed upon.
- After we receive a deposit, there will be a file created and we will both have copies.

Paying for Wedding Cake:

We require payment in full, final guest count, and flavors for sheet cakes two weeks before your wedding.

Storage of Wedding Cakes at 10th Street Baking Company:

We store all of our display cakes in a dust-free, light-free, humidity-free environment to keep them looking fresh. We rotate them in and out of our inventory to keep up with trends and styles. The cakes are meticulously detailed before each event to give you the highest quality display cake.